Mehedi Hasan
Frontend Developer, Server Administrator
Mehedi Hasan
Frontend Developer, Server Administrator

Install Intel HD Graphics ( Intel 1st Generation Core iX Processor) in Windows 8

November  2012 / 9 6 Comments

Windows 8 has released recently & A lot of windows lovers is willing to upgrade their OS to Windows 8 from earlier version of Windows.  Since most of the architecture are close enough, most driver of windows 7 will work in windows 8, but not everything. Turned out that, Intel has dropped support for Intel HD Graphics for Windows 8 for those with First Generation Core iX processors. Though they have continued to support Intel 2nd & 3rd generation processors, first generation processor users are a bit unlucky. Something really uncool from Intel.

So a common geeky idea is to set the driver into compatibility mode & then try installing, unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It only installs the turbo boost drivers but not the actual Intel HD Graphics. Windows 8 continues to run the driver comes out of the box with it. The problem with the inbuilt driver is, you can’t access the graphics control panel anymore, so you can’t change the settings as you need. Another big problem is that inbuilt driver doesn’t come with OpenGL support. Therefore applications that requires OpenGL won’t run properly, in few cases, application won’t run at all. Though, an driver update is made available to First gen. processors via Windows update lately.

So what if we want our latest driver for windows 7 to work in our Windows 8 OS ?
The job is simple & not simple again. :)

Lets check the simple processes we need to make it work:

Note: We’ve tested with Intel Core i5 450M (First Generation Processor) on top of HM57 Chip set & Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit.
If you have a 32bit Windows 8, file name may have changed a bit but should be similar .

a) Download the Zip version of your latest graphics driver made available at Make sure it’s the Zip one, not the exe file.

b) When the download is complete, Extract it somewhere, Go to that Folder & Enter the Folder named “Graphics”

c) Search for the file named “igdlh64.inf.”  (This is for 64bit OS), For 32bit OS, you may find something like igdlh.inf. or igdlh32.inf.  Open the file with text editor.

d) Find the position as mentioned in the image:

Install Intel HD Graphic in Windows 8

e) Now Copy the texts starts with %  below the [IntelGfx.NTamd64.6.0]  & past it in the section under [IntelGfx.NTamd.6.2] , If you’re using a 32bit OS, try to find similar section of texts.

f) Save the file & Close it.

g) Now we’ve to enter into Test Mode of Windows 8 which will allow us to install the driver.  Note that, Usually windows 8 will not allow you to install a driver which configuration file is modified or not digitally signed for windows 8. So entering into Test Mode is mandatory.

h) To Enter the Test Mode, Open the Command Prompt in Administrator mode, The run the following commands one by one:

bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON

i) Now restart the computer &  Install the driver by clicking on Setup.exe.   Click on “Continue Anyway” When the Driver installation Confirmation asks.

j) Now disable the Test Mode again by typing the following commands like before:

bcdedit -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF

k) Now restart the computer & Enjoy the graphics control as well OpenGL support.

Note: You may need Dot Net 3.5 to run the Control Panel, you don’t have yet, install, else you may not access the panel.

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  • Go ahead Mehedee vai. But I would know that you don’t use windows. Just using Linux.

  • THANK YOU! Great instructions and the missing piece for me were the BCD commands. Much appreciated!

  • I am unamble to filne igdlh64.inf in graphics folder…plz help:(

  • Mohammad Aamir Usmani says:
    November 19, 2013 13:40 PM


    respected sir/madam,

    i have intel motherboard dh55hc, and i have purchased windows 8.1 64 bit edition, i have problem with installing vga driver. the windows has not buit in driver and my boards’s vga became useless.
    kindley guide me how can i install intel vga driver on my board, intel website does not support for driver any more. if any one have vga driver for dh55hc for win8.1 64 bit or any changed file of inf, please please mail me. i m very greatfull. GOD bless u all.

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