Aria2 installation and usage on OpenSUSE

Aria2 installation and usage on OpenSUSE

Aria2 is a high speed download manager supports segmented downloads, Torrents, and HTTP or FTP protocols with pause, resume, and queue ability. It is similar to ReGet or GetRight. >>More about Aria2 Now, I’m going to explains how to install Aria2 using command line(Konsole) on OpenSUSE with some useful download techniques and usage. Install: sudo zypper in aria2 Now Aria2 package is inltalling on your system. Wait a […]


End of Waiting: evasion Jailbreak for iOS 6.1 on iPhone, iPad and iPad mini

A Simple question, Why People Jailbreak their iDevices? The simple answer is this: To gain more control! iDevices particularly the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini come with restrictions on what types of apps or programs you can purchase and run, which cellular network you can use and, essentially, what you can do with the phone. Apple […]

Install Paid Apps on iPhone, iPad and iPad mini without Jailbreaking iOS 6.0.1 or 6.0.2

I’ve found a great way to Install Paid Apps on your iPhone and iPad(which running on iOS 6.0.1 or 6.0.1) without Jailbreaking. The original post was on SiNfuL iPhone Forums by whizhunk . whizhunk created a video tutorial for everyone on Youtube, at first follow the video-  Watch this   Process: Download a tools form- Run Ksetup.exe and install it (It’s a Chinese […]

Jailbreak iPad 3, iPhone 4s and all A5x chipset iDevice on iOS 6.0.1

On a post the BigBoss mentioned that- Jailbreakers: Do not upgrade to iOS6 until a jailbreak is released. You will lose all your jailbreak!   I think it’s happened couple a month before. Already Jailbreak for the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, and iPhone 3GS (pre-A4) are available. and next part is the recent iPads (iPad 2, iPad […]